Not Necessarily The News In Hoke

By Ken MacDonald

With disgust, I lifted the strip of bacon with my plastic fork at a fast food restaurant Sunday morning. It was wimpy and thinner than a dollar bill. Id seen bacon this thin only at the youth events my group attends, but there its okay to take 62 slices if need be to equal three slices from the grocery store.
This sad state of affairs has come about because the Edinborough Restaurant is no longer open on Sunday. For years, my one eat-out breakfast per week was there, because it gave me a chance to brace for middle school Sunday school (dont get me wrong—I love the kids, but they do require bracing). Since the stores closing a few weeks ago, Ive been searching for a replacement, but to no avail. Too loud, too thin, too something.
Generally, I like life in a small town. I contend with only three stoplights in a typical day (and they are gently cursed), and Raeford has most of the essentials: high-speed internet, nearby hiking trails, and a good Mexican restaurant.
But there are a few other things we could use. In fact, here is a prescription to revitalize downtown:
First, add a shop with really decadent homemade ice cream.
Second, add a toy store with really cool and varied choices.
Third, add a candy store.
Heck, it could all be one store.
Awhile back, I was talking to a soldier who lived in a subdivision beside East Hoke Middle School. Hed lived there two years and never had been to downtown Raeford.
I think my prescription would draw in the military folks who have children—which is most, Id guess.
A friend is skeptical. He says we should do a focus group and find out.
Sounds like a good idea to me.
But in the meantime, it seems that since banks are now open all day Wednesday, we could get a decent breakfast on Sunday mornings.